Hate crimes. Divisiveness. Political turmoil. Online cruelty and the weaponization of social media. For most, these and other uncivil realities are digitally digested before finishing our first cup of coffee. We have arrived at a time where being tethered to turbulence is the norm. As a result, many become dominated by drama; immersed in the age of rage; oftentimes participating in online (and offline) behavior which only summons additional stress and hostility.

But is our anger really the result of the latest insulting tweet or unjust events? Is the coworker from hell actually to blame for our misery? Can a rude driver completely ruin our day? Or when any form of anarchy arises in the world, are we reacting or responding? Although the majority find it easier to point fingers, in reality, the primary adversary in our life is (click here to continue reading)