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Michael J. Chase is a bestselling author, renowned speaker, and one of today’s most influential voices for creating a kinder world. After founding The Kindness Center in 2007, Michael began teaching his philosophies throughout the US and Canada, sharing stages with Dr. Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, and other prominent self-empowerment leaders.

   Specializing in contemporary teachings on kindness, compassion, and resiliency, his books and presentations reveal how living from the heart plays a significant role in healing our lives and our planet. In recent years, Michael's work has focused on positive mental health, now offering workshops to promote emotional wellness through the application of heart-inspired principles.

   Michael currently resides on the coast of Maine with his four-legged best friend Dharma, where he continues to write books and develop new programs that ease the pressure of living in today's complex world.    r to a brighter and more civilized future. By working together, we can open hearts, heal lives, and ultimately...change the world.

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Presentations, Workshops, & Events

Since 2007, The Kindness Center, a teaching platform focused on social and emotional well-being, has worked with schools, businesses, universities, and organizations across the globe. Built on the notion that kinder habits begin with a happier, healthier individual, each program offers a practical blend of information and inspiration to free the mind and re-awaken the heart.

These teachings also recognize that hardships are a part of life, often preventing humankind from simultaneously being human and kind. With this predicament in mind, every presentation addresses the reality of life’s difficulties while offering methods to practice kindness in times of chaos.

To learn about current programs and events, click on the banners below. Or, if you need a curriculum developed specifically for your group, please get in touch with Michael today.

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