At some point, many of us begin to question our current path. Unlike the earlier stages of life, when chasing material possessions, having a distinguished career, or always trying to please others was the primary goal, there is now a shift towards inner fulfillment. For some, it could mean leaving an ordinary career to follow an extraordinary dream. While for others, it can merely be finding peace in a stressful world. But regardless of the reason, this insight (and our dissatisfactions) can become a defining moment in our lives. For this is the time when we stop listening to our head…and we follow our hearts.

Michael is now accepting new coaching clients for 2020. Those interested in making positive changes and attaining a life of greater meaning can befifit from these phone/video sessions. If you feel ready to begin living authentically from your heart, please contact Michael today.

PLEASE NOTE: Coaching is not therapy nor is it intended as a substitute for the medical advice of physicians. These sessions are for individuals who are willing to dedicate themselves to living a courageous, kinder, and more inspiring life. If a person needs services outside of Michael's expertise, clients will be encouraged to seek other options.

Have you been searching for a deeper meaning in your life? Are you ready for a career change, better health, more fulfilling relationships, or discovery of your life’s real purpose?