Personal & Professional Guidance

For several years now, Michael has had the honor of sharing his work with people all over the world through his books and live presentations. As a result, he’s often asked for private consulting by individuals wanting to learn his business philosophies. Michael is now offering this service to aspiring authors and speakers interested in taking their work to the next level. During these conversations, he will give you the confidence needed to overcome any fears or doubts that may be holding you back from doing the work you were born to do.

If you would like to learn how to grow your online platform, attract book deals, launch your speaking career, get media appearances and more, please email Michael.

"Michael's energy is absolutely contagious! As a Coach, he has lovingly guided me in taking powerful action steps in my business and life. I am deeply grateful for Michael's encouragement and support. It is because of him that I've been able to overcome fears and put myself out there in a bigger and more noticeable way."

~ Nira Lall, Author, Life Coach & Speaker

“Michael, I am absolutely filled with gratitude and appreciation for the impact you have had on my life as a result of your personal coaching. To have someone understand where you want to be and be able to guide and support you towards that is a blessing.Thank you for walking the talk and sharing your wisdom in such a compassionate and inspiring manner. I will forever be indebted to you! ~ Lauren Jawno, Toronto Canada

Making the shift: From tired to inspired...

At some point in our lives, many of us begin to question our current path. Unlike the earlier stages of life when chasing material possessions, having the distinguished career or always trying to please others was the primary goal; there is now a shift toward inner fulfillment or "true happiness." For some, it may mean leaving an uninspiring career to follow a dream. While for others, it can simply mean finding peace in a stressful world. But regardless of the reason, this flash of inspiration can be the defining moment in our lives. This is the time when we stop listening to our head . . . and we follow our heart.

Personalized sessions...

Imagine having a relationship with someone who listens to you without judgment, encourages you to follow your dreams, celebrates your victories, supports you during challenges, and always sees the best in you. As your guide, Michael's goal is to help you overcome obstacles and reach your full potential while reintroducing you to the most amazing person you'll ever meet…you. Through focused conversations, each session is a powerful journey into the world of self-realization and designing a life filled with authenticity and meaning.

The Process...

The investment for coaching is $111 per session (typically done by phone) with a minimum of four required. Each call lasts one hour and eleven minutes. Before the agreement, Michael will request a summary of your intentions. You will be asked to answer four questions: what you want to accomplish, when you’d like to achieve your goal(s), why this is important to you, and finally, what are you willing to do to make this a reality. Once there is clarity within each of these areas the coaching process will begin. During each call, you will be encouraged to step outside of your comfort zone. Face your fears. And participate fully. Michael will wholeheartedly support you, but when necessary, tough love will be delivered to ensure you are closing the gap between where you are and where you would like to be.

Creating the life you’ve always wanted can start today. No matter what your goals may be; with a clear mind, an open heart, and resilient spirit, you can turn your dreams into reality.

For more information and availability, please send an email here.


"If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading."

                                  ~ Lao Tzu  

"Be with someone who wants to see you grow."


              ~ Toni Payne

Consulting for authors, speakers & inspirational leaders

"Michael J. Chase is not only one of the most inspiring and genuine people I have ever met, he is undeniably brilliant! Combining his compassion for humanity with a great sense of humor, Michael graciously shares his professional knowledge to create a personalized platform with your heart in mind. Hands down, one of the best speaking coaches out there!"

~ Bonnie Wirth, Author & Inspirational Speaker

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