Michael J. Chase is one of today’s most sought after inspirational speakers. Whether he is delivering a keynote to thousands or teaching a private workshop, his goal is always the same—to inspire people to live authentically from their heart. His teachings on resilience, compassion, forgiveness and especially, kindness have impacted countless lives across the globe.

In 2010, Michael joined the Hay House speaking roster, which includes self-empowerment legends Louise Hay, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson and many more. Since then, he has been a main presenter at many of Hay House’s renowned events and conferences. Known for his contagious energy, humor and inspiring stories, he proves how the astonishing power of kindness can transform all areas of our lives and ultimately, our world.


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“Michael's time with our group of YMCA professionals was inspiring to us all. As we work to help improve the lives of those in our community, his message of the power of being kind will now be spread throughout Northern New England. I can't tell you how many people came up to me throughout the rest of our conference to talk to me about changes they plan on making in their lives as a result of Michael's message. It was such a great way to kick off our conference!”

—  Joseph W. Manzoli, Jr. - CEO, YMCA of Greater Nashua

“I recently had the pleasure of hearing you speak at Hay House’s “I Can Do It” Conference in Toronto. What a Joy. We laughed and we cried..the stories were so moving. Very inspirational!! It was an honor to meet and speak with you Michael. Your book "am I being Kind" has also given me tools to work with in my life and I have passed it on to family.”

—  Michelle, Toronto, Canada

“Fantastic presentation at the Maine Health Care Association Conference! It was very encouraging and motivating. I can't wait to get your book! —  Heather - Rockland, Maine

“Thank you so much for your inspirational and uplifting messages of hope and love. It reaches beyond cultural norms, racial issues and international borders. A simple message with profound and long lasting effects.”

—  Teresa,  Switzerland

"We were introduced to Michael today in Austin. The group I was with, who have studied this type of material for so long now, were all shocked we hadn’t heard from Michael before. Blown away impressed!!! Thanks for being dedicated to do what you do and look forward to continued teachings from you!"

—  Jessica

"Soooooo awesome!!!! Thank you for starting out our year so positively and full of energy! Everything you told us yesterday has been going through my mind since then! I am retelling the stories and writing down ideas and cannot wait to begin teaching my students."

— Carey

"Thank you for the moving and motivating start to the school year for Saco School Department staff today. Your message of kindness and love is so important and will make such a difference in the lives of the children we are privileged to work with." — Joan

“You rocked my world today Michael at Hay House’s at I Can Do It! in Austin, Texas!! Thanks and LOVE!!!!” XOXOXOXOXX!!

—  Suzy

“I wanted to thank you again for such an incredible experience - hearing your journey yesterday. What a gift YOU are to this planet THANK YOU!”

—  Danielle

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!! Words cannot express what I'm feeling after your presentation to our staff. You did an AMAZING job, Michael! I'm so so so so thankful! The feedback I have received has been wonderful!" — Julie S.

"I cannot get over how your presentation has made me feel. I have always considered myself a positive person and work really hard to spread it to everyone around me. But somehow you have motivated me to work even harder and make more goals." — Alyssa D.

"I can say with all honesty that you were by far the best speaker I've listened to in my career. Your positive energy and outlook is contagious." — Jared B.

“We truly enjoyed having Michael come and speak to us! His talk has improved our company so much. We have enjoyed being a kinder business." — Assistance Plus, Inc.

"Michael, Of the 100 speakers at the Hay House World Summit this year, you moved me. Thank you. Continue to be exactly who you are. It works.”  — Paul T.

“Defining success has been something I've struggled with in my life, but now I think I've finally got it. What's the truest, rawest form of success? KINDNESS. Thank you Michael!”

—  Lance P.

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HumanKIND: The art of being both

Since the beginning of time, no human being has ever found immunity from suffering. And despite being a universal experience, pain, which can arrive in various forms, will always come to us in a deeply personal way. For many, relationship struggles, health concerns or work related strain can cause emotional turmoil. Coupled with the demands of technology, financial issues and other daily stressors, the result is unprecedented levels of anxiety and fearful thinking.

Living under such conditions, it's no wonder we are experiencing a deficiency in positive emotions. When life beats us down, practicing kindness, compassion and gratitude can seem nearly impossible. And the stark reality is this; without a spirit of resiliency and the tools to manage our emotional state, an unkind attitude towards ourselves and others will often be the result.

By observing any challenge from the hearts perspective, however, we gain incredible wisdom, while also having a positive effect on those around us. From this vantage point, our difficulties are not only the precursor to developing integrity and strength, but they can also help us to become a kinder, more sensitive human being.

PART ONE: Working through challenges with grace

In this first segment, you will learn how disappointments are opportunities in disguise; each one leading you toward a meaningful existance. As Michael explains, "Personal responsibility is your birthright. Life is not happening to you, but rather, you are happening to life. You can respond from the heart . . . or react with your head. Become virtuous or remain a victim. The choice is always yours."

PART TWO: Finding compassion for difficult people

We all know them - mean spirited, dramatic and egocentric people. But perhaps it's time to view these individuals in a more sympathetic light - one where we recognize that their unkind behavior is never about you, but rather, a manifestation of their own suffering. From this place, you will understand that there are no inherently "bad people," only hurting ones. Or as the adage goes, hurt people, hurt people.

PART THREE: Kindness as an intention

Finally, you will discover the extraordinary benefits kindness can offer within your day-to-day interactions. As you learn to replace negative thinking patterns of judgment and fear with thoughts of acceptance, empathy, compassion and even forgiveness, a positive new energy will develop within all of your relationships, especially the one with yourself.

Illuminating, uplifting and inspiring, this unforgettable lecture will show you a proven philosophy for a better way of life . . . and for creating a better world.

For more information, speaking fees, and availability please contact us.

    KindnessAssociates: The new model for customer service

True success lies not in brilliant marketing campaigns, cutting edge technology or the depth of your advertising budget. Ensuring business longevity all comes down to the way you make people feel. Gratitude, attentiveness, empathy and kindness are no longer luxuries, but rather, necessities to both customer and employee retention. Those who embrace such heart-centered practices will survive and thrive in any economy, while those who do not will be on the brink of extinction. Simply stated, it is the everyday acts of kindness that make the greatest difference and ultimately, will ensure the strength of an organization or company.

Throughout this workshop, Michael shares how adopting kindness as a business model creates unity, productivity, trust, and employee dedication. He will introduce universal techniques that can be applied to any environment to inspire positive actions, all while building a kinder future for you and your company. Topics discussed include:

- Reducing stress and anxiety

- Creating a kinder work environment

- How to peacefully deal with difficult people

- Developing positive communication skills

- Personal and professional development

- Finding purpose and meaning in your work

Presentations are

available for . . .



Healthcare Professionals

Conscious Businesses

Customer Service Training

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