If you are a parent in need of support, this mentoring program can help your son or daughter navigate the day-to-day pressures of school, relationships, and making healthy choices. As Michael works with your child, teaching them to adopt kindness as a way of life, they will be paving the way for a fulfilling, successful future. Please email for more information.

This mentoring/coaching program encourages young adults to:

— Practice kindness toward themselves and others.

— Make responsible, conscious choices.

— Take breaks from digital devices and social media.

— Develop confidence and self-esteem.

— Reduce daily stress through self-care.

— Create strategies for achieving goals and dreams.

— Refrain from unnecessary drama.

— Learn positive communication skills.

PLEASE NOTE: Coaching is not therapy nor is it intended as a substitute for the medical advice of physicians. If an individual needs services outside of Michael's expertise, clients will be encouraged to seek other services.

Each year, Michael works with a limited number of individuals who are committed to changing the unfavorable conditions of their life. Those interested in achieving certain goals such as pursuing a dream, transitioning to a new career, improved health and energy, overcoming self-defeating behaviors, or gaining clarity for his or her very existence can benefit from these sessions.

Through honest, non-judgmental guidance, his teachings help you shift from feeling emotionally and spiritually tired to invigorated and inspired. During each conversation, (typically done over the phone or through Skype) you can expect to laugh, cry, create, awaken your spirit, and be reintroduced to the most amazing person you’ll ever meet…you.

If you would like to begin your own journey of self-discovery and design a life of authentic joy and meaning, please contact Michael today.

INVESTMENT: $125 per one hour session

WINTER 2019 SPECIAL: Six one hour sessions: $599

     In this one of a kind program, learn how an fulfilling life begins the moment you confront one of your greatest fears: the truth. During this interactive "Truthshop," attendees are inspired to live and speak their truth while encouraging others to do the same. Through honest conversations and empathy building exercises, discover how vulnerability and authenticity can enhance all areas of your life. By recognizing that everyone has a story, judgmental habits will be replaced by qualities such as acceptance, trust, empathy, and even forgiveness. If you've ever felt misunderstood or would like to see others in a more compassionate light, this is the program for you.

— Find renewed strength by living and speaking your truth.

— Create healthy, loving relationships.

— Free yourself from a painful past.

— Learn the power of forgiveness

— Understand difficult people.

— Live a life of integrity, kindness, and courage.

To survive and thrive in today's world, the ability to accept adversity with an open heart and mind is imperative. For the reality is, it's not a matter of if challenges arise, but rather, when. And by taking a proactive approach, building emotional muscles each day, we greatly increase our odds of bouncing back from any hardship with dignity and strength.

This program is an opportunity to develop fierce resiliency and the courage required for turning wounds into wisdom and meaning. Built on the Heart Warrior principles, these soulful, and honest conversations are a journey into the world of self-awareness and designing a conscious life. If you would like to break through fears, find purpose within your challenges, and connect to your life's true calling, please email Michael.

NEW for 2019: Truthshops can now be hosted in your home with family and friends. (max 20 people)

Recorded along New England roadsides, Good Carma videos share the latest news, upcoming events, and teachings to help you find more meaning in your life. If you would like to receive future episodes and stay up to date on Michael and Dharma’s travels, please sign up today.

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