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“ I just wanted to say THANK YOU for such a wonderful presentation to our students at Knox Trail Junior High. I know you touched many, many students and I have already made reference to your presentation when working with some of my struggling students. Although you were booked to speak to the students, I know that you also touched many of our staff members, including myself. I have been asking the universe for some guidance and assistance, and I believe I received the message I was waiting for. Thank you so much.”

 —  Alison, Spencer MA

"Michael's presentation to our 9th and 10th graders was awesome! As usual, he connected with our students easily and shared his message with them in a very moving and effective way!

 —  Beth Schultz, Assistant Principal Gray-New Gloucester High School

"Soooooo awesome!!!! Thank you for starting out our year so positively and full of energy! Everything you told us yesterday has been going through my mind since then! I am retelling the stories and writing down ideas and cannot wait to begin teaching my students."

— Carey, Saco ME

"Thank you for the moving and motivating start to the school year for Saco School Department staff today. Your message of kindness and love is so important and will make such a difference in the lives of the children we are privileged to work with."

— Joan S.

"I am a junior at King Philip High School and Michael came in today to talk about kindness. It was the best speech I have ever heard. It brought tears to my eyes listening to what he and his family have gone through. Michael affected my life more than I can explain. Thank you for becoming my new role model. Never stop what you is changing lives."  

Molly D.

"Today was really one of the most moving days I have ever had thanks to Michael. He was at my school today, and he was absolutely amazing. When I got home I retold his story to my mom and I just started crying. Not because I was sad but because of how inspirational his speech was. High school days are harder than ever but the presentation gave me such a great outlook on how amazing life can be with a little kindness!” Kirsten R.

"I am a student at Bow High School and got to see your presentation today. Due to having severe anxiety I was unable to thank you in person because of the amount of people. Your message truly was inspiring to me. About a month and a half ago I was suicidal and came pretty close to ending my own life, and it was people like you who kept me fighting. Someone just asking me how I was doing or something as simple as saying good morning made the fighting worth it. I was even at the point where I was self harming and just thought that everyone in my life would be better off without me. I am doing much better now and have not harmed myself in three weeks. Your presentation today brought tears to my eyes and made me realize that I am not fighting alone and how truly something as simple as asking someone how they are can change there life. My guidance counselor is someone who changes my day every morning because she always makes sure to say good morning. I plan on doing random acts of kindness throughout my life because I know from personal experience how that can change someone's life. Thank you so much for inspiring me and many other today." 

Emily —  Bow, NH

Today's teens are dealing with a full out assault on their senses. Between social media overload, peer mistreatment, the pressure to excel academically, battling wounds from a painful childhood, or simply feeling lost in a superficial world . . . it's no wonder our youth are in crisis.

Education is necessary and a wonderful part of life. But most would agree that a child's mental health is more important than his or her grades. Perhaps it's time to put inspiration at the forefront - inspiring our young people to be resilient, compassionate, kinder and especially, love and accept themselves. When students live a heart-driven life; insecurities drop away, disrespectful behavior dissolves, and childhood traumas are transformed into confidence, forgiveness, and strength. What's more, kids who are emotionally healthy will learn with greater ease and ultimately, find joy in their school years.

Awarded The Exemplary Practice Award by the Maine Association for Middle-Level Education, this program was designed to build character while also inspiring a kindness movement in the classroom and beyond. Blending powerful storytelling, humor and personal development philosophies, Michael reveals the advantages of living, learning and leading from the heart. Benefits of this presentation include . . .

- Empowering students to be more accepting of themselves and others

- Kinder and more respectful behavior

- A pro-kindness curriculum (rather than “anti-bullying”)

- Tools for overcoming anxiety, stress and peer mistreatment

- Acts of kindness throughout the school and community

- New skills for making positive choices

- A safer, healthier, and happier school environment

Time: 60-90 minutes

Appropriate for grades 5-12 

Program add-ons to create sustainability

30-minute Q&A following the talk:

This segment is a compelling opportunity for students to discuss personal challenges or share how they feel about the school, world events, etc.

Break out sessions:  

Following the main presentation, Michael will work with up to three groups (for example; one session for grades 6,7, and 8) teaching skills to create more happiness, less drama, and ultimately, inspire a kinder school environment.

Staff Meeting:

At the end of the day, Michael will work with the faculty, developing ideas to sustain the theme of kindness throughout the school year and beyond. He will facilitate this meeting to encourage conversations regarding the school climate and work on staff issues/concerns so that everyone can experience a more respectful work environment.

Time: 60 to 90 minutes.

"If we are to reach real peace in this world...we shall have to begin with children."

       — Mahatma Gandhi

"Dear Michael, I am the mother of a 14 year old boy. You spoke at his middle school about a month ago. I want to thank you with deepest gratitude for your talk. My son has been depressed. He has been deeply unhappy and I worry for his wellbeing as I see him receding away from me. I fear that drugs, alcohol, self harm, etc are lurking in the shadows. I love him deeply but find him unreachable sometimes.

So you can imagine he doesn't do too much more than grunt a hello at me and ask for food when he gets home from school, then ask to be left alone. However, on the day of your talk he came home from school with a sort of gentle light around him. He said, "Mom, we had this speaker today and he said some really profound things...he told some personal stories that I can't stop thinking about." He then said, "Mom, I'm going to be more kind...I'm going to be more loving." 

Michael,  you reached him. A good, brilliant kid who is feeling lost, alone, sad and angry a lot of the time. He generally checks out. But he heard you. Thank you for this one moment of light that I hope can grow. Bless you and your work."  ~ Jennifer B.

In 2015, over 3 million teens in the U.S. had at least one major depressive episode. 6.3 million battled an anxiety disorder.  And each day in our nation, there are an average of over 5,240 suicide attempts by young people grades 7-12.

Source: CDC and US Dept. of Health and Human Services

“Yesterday was so amazing when you came to our school. Our town has a lot of problems and you really changed it. Everyone is happy and giving random high fives and hugs...its never been like this before. Thank you, Michael!” 

—  Liana, 8th grade student

"Michael J. Chase's event was inspiring for the entire student body, as well as the administrators. His compassion for all people as well as his message of forgiveness are extremely admirable, and highlight the importance of kindness–especially in a world as cruel as high school. After his speech, I noticed a visible change in the atmosphere of our school; people went out of their way to brighten another person's day.”

— Kelly, Cape Elizabeth High School

"Dear Michael, I'm a freshman at Waynflete school. I just wanted to let you know that your presentation today was so inspirational. It was amazing to see a person so passionate about spreading kindness around our world. I know many people during their busy days forget to stop and perform simple acts of kindness. Your talk was a great reminder to do so. It was also amazing to see someone so passionate about turning the darkness and damaged past into goodness and trying to bring that to our world. Both my friend and I walked out of your talk and were speechless because of how inspirational and incredible your words were. Again, thank you so much for coming to my school and opening my mind to all the great things one can do for yourself and others." 

— Julia, Class of 2018

"I just wanted you to know what a difference your presentation has made. Students and faculty are putting into action acts and words of kindness. It is so nice to feel the warmth and compassion we can have for each other come alive. Thank you for inspiring us! "

— Nicole Cote-Crosskill, Director of Guidance — Fryeburg Academy

"There was a very positive reaction to Michael's discussion among the students of CEHS. His talk was genuine and easy for students to relate to. Immediately following the event, I noticed students embracing acts of kindness and going out of their way to bring happiness to others.”

— Daniel, Cape Elizabeth High School

"He is completely amazing and the middle school kid whisperer."

~ Kris Wittenberg,

Founder of Be Good to People

"As much as our schools today must focus on academics, you provided our students with life-long lessons that extend far beyond the classroom. I cannot thank you enough for helping to show students that it is important to not only learn, but to care about others and make good life decisions."  

~ Eric Klein, Principal, Yarmouth High School

"You made quite an impression when you came to campus! The kids really appreciated the time you spent with them. Folks can’t stop raving about your talk either. Thank you for collaborating with Hillside on this…it was a definite success!"

~ Gabriella Marvin  Community Relations Manager

Hillside, Inc.  Atlanta, GA

"Hi Michael, I met you years ago when I was younger—you had given a presentation at my middle school. I just thought I'd reach out and say I still remember a lot of what you said and live by it. Now as an adult almost finished college, I wanted you to know it made a big impact. I hope you keep changing people's lives like you did mine."

~ Eric W.

“Thank you so much for everything you did for our school, and for myself. I don't know if I could ever express how much your presentation and words meant to me. I'm beyond thankful, and I won't forget it.”


~ Eleanor Prescott

Hampden Academy

Now reserving dates for the 2018-2019 school year. For more information and availability please contact us.

"Dear Michael,  We are a different school since your visit with us. Kindness and care have been expressed in many many ways, and the ripple effect is profound!  Our teachers continue to sing your praises and our kids are asking if they can e-mail you! What a gift you were--and still are to us. I want you to know you changed our little corner of the world in an uplifting way, and we are grateful. Many thanks, Michael..."

                       ~ Anne Blanchard, Principal Presque Isle Middle School